Work Package 6

WP6: Many-particle interactions with turbulence

Group lead: Prof John Shrimpton

Affiliated staff: Dr Eldad Avital, Prof Xi Jiang, Prof William Jones, Dr Franck Nicolleau, Prof Mike Reeks, Dr Pierre Ricco, Dr David Swailes, Prof Christos Vassilicos, Prof John Williams

This work package studies the particle-turbulence timescale interdependency and how it can modify environmental and industrial multiphase processes.  Examples abound in natural and industrial flows, ranging from rain initiation, to planet formation to diesel combustion.

Research projects:

Macchi, M., Wen, J., Volkov, K., Chung, Y.M. and Heidari, A., LES modelling of fuel cascades with OpenFOAM

Wittemeier, Shrimpton: Computations of Many Particle - Turbulence Interactions