Work Package 5

WP5: Turbulence in thermal/energy systems

Group lead: Prof Xi Jiang

Affiliated staff:  Prof Shuisheng Hu, Prof Dominique Laurence, Prof Kai Luo, Prof Mark Savill, Dr Emile Touber, Dr Maarten van Reeuwijk, Dr Andrew Wheeler

This work package investigates turbulence in thermal and energy systems, including turbulent flows with heat transfer, mixed convection, buoyancy, real gas effects, and those at supercritical conditions.  The applications include conventional and nuclear power generation and other critical problems in energy systems.

Research projects:

Pratt, J., Lagrangian statistics of heat transfer in homogenous hydrodynamic turbulence driven by Boussinesq convection

van Reeuwijk, M., Holzner, M. and Jonker, H., Direct simulation of turbulent entrainment in gravity currents

Tunstall, R., Wu, Z. and Laurence, D., DNS and fine LES versus RANS modelling of turbulent thermal mixing for structural fatigue mitigation in power generation systems

Könözsy, L., Kokkinakis, I.W., Antoniadis, A.F., Rana, Z.A., Tsoutsanis, P. and Drikakis, D., High-order methods for shock wave turbulent boundary layer interaction

Wu, Z., Laurence, D. and Afgan, I., DNS of a jet in cross flow with passive scalar mixing

Skillen, Revel: External Aerodynamics using Large Eddy simulation: Influence of spanwise domain size (apologies file to large to upload. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. of required)

Touber/Alferez: Transposed energy cascades in compressible turbulence

Fang et al: Shock-Wave/Boundary Layer Interaction control using Spark-Jet and Micro-Vortex Generator

Goto, Vassilicos: Unsteady turbulence