Work Package 4

WP4: Compressible flows & aeroacoustics

Group lead: Prof Paul Tucker

Affiliated staff: Dr Eldad Avital, Prof Shuisheng Hu, Prof Kai Luo, Prof William Jones, Prof Richard Sandberg, Prof Neil Sandham, Prof Mark Savill, Prof John Williams

Focus on high-speed flows, as mainly occurring in aerospace applications, and aerodynamically generated noise.  Dedicated compressible flow solvers used to resolve difference in scales between acoustic and flow fields.


Research projects:

Sansica, A., Sandham, N.D. and Hu, Z., Low-frequency unsteadiness in a laminar shock-wave/boundary-layer interaction

Fang, J. Yao, Y., Zheltovodov, A. and Lu, L., Large-eddy simulation of a three-dimensional shock-wave/turbulent boundary layer interaction of a single-fin

Sandberg, R., Pichler, R. and Michelassi, V., High-fidelity simulations of the effect of flow coefficient and reduced frequency on LPT losses

Sandham, N.D., Streamline curvature effects in oblique shock-wave/boundary-layer interaction with end walls

Wheeler, A., Sandberg, R., Sandham, N.D., Pichler, R., Michelassi, V. and Laskowski, G., Direct numerical simulations of a high pressure turbine vane

Kim, J-W., Haeri, S. and Joseph, P., On the reduction of aerofoil-turbulence interaction noise associated with wavy leading edges

Wang, Z-N, Naqavi, I.Z. and Tucker, P.G., A stable non-dissipative numerical scheme and its application to noise predictions of subsonic hot jets using LES

Zhu, J.Y., Hu, Z.W. and Thompson, D.J., Ground effect on the flow behaviour and aeroacoustic characteristics of a simplified high-speed train bogie

 Cerminara, Sandham: Receptivity and Breakdown in Hypersonic Flow over Blunt Leading-Edge Configurations with 3D Acoustic Disturbances

 Schlanderer/Sandberg: DNS of a Turbulent Flow Convecting Over an Elastic Trailing-Edge

 Otero/Sandberg/Sharma: Direct Numerical Simulations for Adjoint-based Optimal Flow and Noise Control of a Backward-Facing Step

 Perez-Torro/Kim: Large-eddy simulations of a stalled NACA0021 with a wavy leading edge

Wang, Tyacke, Naqavi, Tucker: LES of Jet Aeroacoustics

Jammy, Sandham: Low frequency unsteadiness in oblique shock-wave/boundary-layer interaction with end walls

Serrano Galliano et al: Fluid-structure interaction of membrane aerofoils

Angelino, Mahak, Xia, Page: Effect of LES Models and Mesh Refinement on Noise Prediction of Round, Serrated and Co-Flow Jets