Work Package 3

WP3: Turbulence in complex-geometry flows

Group lead: Dr Gary Page

Affiliated staff: Dr Eldad Avital, Prof Dominique Laurence, Dr Franck Nicolleau, Dr Pierre Ricco, Prof Spencer Sherwin, Prof Paul Tucker, Prof John Williams, Prof Yufeng Yao

The recent increases in the capability of HEC resources and codes allows DNS/LES to be used for turbulence studies in increasingly complicated situations.  This work package demonstrates this trend with cases in which the complexity is introduced y the solid boundaries of the objects through/over which the turbulent flow passes.

Research projects:

Lombard, J-E., Xu, H., Moxey, D. and Sherwin, S.J., Scale resolving modelling of a rotating wheel

Thomareis, N. and Papadakis, G., Numerical analysis of the flow around an airfoil with serrated trailing edge using dynamic mode decomposition

Thakkar, M., Busse, A. and Sandham, N., Turbulent flows over aerodynamically rough surface using direct numerical simulations

Basbug, S., Papadakis, G. and Vassilicos, J.C., Numerical investigation of dynamic mixers with regular and irregular impeller blades

Lombard, Xu, Moxey, Sherwin: Rotating Wheel Wake

Holgate/Skillen/Revell/Craft: Application of Embedded Simulation Methods to Internal Flows

Alves Portela et al: Study of Turbulence Cascade in the NearWake of a Square Prism