UKTC Annual Review 2016

The UKTC Annual Review 2016 was held at Murray Edwards College , Cambridge on the 1st and 2nd of September.



Thursday 01 September:

  Session 1 (Sherwin)

Moulinec/Fang/Sandberg/Wang/Emerson: Comparison between several Approaches to Simulate the Taylor-Green Vortex Case. (WP7)

Serson/Meneghini/Sherwin: DNS of the flow around wings with spanwise waviness (WP1)

Thakkar/Busse/Sandham: Direct numerical simulation of an irregular rough surface from the hydraulically smooth to the fully-rough regime (WP2)

Ghebali/Chernyshenko/Leschziner: Turbulent drag reduction by wavy surfaces (WP2)


Poster presentations A

 Session 2 (Laizet)

Wang/Chung: Direct numerical simulation of a turbulent curved pipe flow. (WP2)

Basbug/Papadakis/Vassilicos: DNS investigation of trailing vortices in stirred vessels (WP3)

Lombard/Xu/Moxey/ Sherwin: Rotating Wheel Wake (WP3)

Cerminara/Sandham: Receptivity and Breakdown in Hypersonic Flow over Blunt Leading-Edge Configurations with 3D Acoustic Disturbances (WP4)


 Poster presentations B

  Session 3 (Savill)

Schlanderer/Sandberg: DNS of a Turbulent Flow Convecting Over an Elastic Trailing-Edge (WP4)

Otero/Sandberg/Sharma: Direct Numerical Simulations for Adjoint-based Optimal Flow and Noise Control of a Backward-Facing Step (WP4)

Perez-Torro/Kim: Large-eddy simulations of a stalled NACA0021 with a wavy leading edge (WP4)

Wittemeier/Shrimpton: Computations of Many Particle - Turbulence Interactions (WP6) (Abstract not available for grant reasons)

  Invited talk: Beth Wingate: The influence of fast waves and fluctuations on the evolution of three slow solutions of the Boussinesq equations


  Friday 02 September:


Invited talk: Peter Schmid: Title TBC (Tucker)

   Session 4 (Page)

Xu/Mughal/Cowree/Sherwin: Influence of a 3D indentation on the instability of a boundary layer (WP1)

 Bechlars/Sandberg: The key role of pressure in the turbulence cascading process (WP2)

Busse/Schluter: influence of Thomson-Troian slip boundary condition turbulent channel flow (WP2)

Yasuda/Vassilicos: Large-range memory and therefore inhomogeneity in periodic turbulence (WP2)

 Hwang: The mesolayer of attached eddies in high-Reynolds-number turbulent channel flow (WP2)

Zhou/Vassilicos: Turbulent/Non-turbulent interfaces in turbulent axisymmetic wakes (WP2)


 Session 5 (Avital)

Wang/Tyacke/Naqavi/Tucker: LES of Jet Aeroacoustics (WP4)

Jammy/Sandham: Low frequency unsteadiness in oblique shock-wave/boundary-layer interaction with end walls (WP4)

 Skillen/Revell: External Aerodynamics using Large Eddy Simulation: influence of spanwise domain size. (abstract too large to download) (WP5)

 Scillitoe/Tucker: Numerical Investigation of Three-Dimensional separation in an axial flow compressor.

Touber/Alferez: Transposed energy cascades in compressible turbulence (WP5)