UKTC Annual Review 2015

The UKTC Annual Review 2015 was held at the Grand Harbour Hotel, Southampton from 3rd to 4th September.

Over 70 delegates attended the two day workshop and Peter Boyle, from the University of Edinburgh, and Hans Kuerten, from Eindhoven University of Technology, were the invited speakers.  Abstracts of the talks can be downloaded from clicking on the links in the timetable below, or you can download the full book of abstracts here.

Thursday 3 September

Welcome talk - Sandham/Sandberg

Session 1A - Chair, M. Gaster

Session 1B - Chair, I. Castro

Session 1C - Chair, B. Ganapathisubramani

Session 1D - Chair, J Shrimpton

Invited talk - Peter Boyle: Optimising finite element codes for emerging architectures

Friday 4th September

Poster Session 2A - Chair, S. Lardeau

Session 2B - Chair, G. Page

Session 2C - Chair, E Avital

Invited talk - Hans Kuerten: DNS and LES of particle-laden turbulent flow